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Thoughts for Food

With the soaring costs of food and the increasing impact on household budgets, can a family really afford, today, to buy fresh and organic foods? Does it simply cost too much to eat healthily?

These are questions heard all the time and we're pleased to say that it absolutely is possible to eat good, healthy, nutritious food and stay within the family's food budget.

Here are just a few "thoughts" on the subject:


·  Plan your meal ahead of time, make a shopping list, and stick to it.


·  Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables; it’s cheaper and doesn’t cost as much to produce fruit and vegetables that happen to be in season. 


·  Buy local. Smaller and local farmers, concerned about the environment, prefer organic farming and it’s cost-effective to sell locally versus shipping out of area. This practice also helps to support local economies.


·  Buy frozen when you can’t buy fresh. Frozen fruits and vegetables are picked and packed at their peak, with few, if any, chemicals added.

·  Join your local food co-op. Co-op’s offer seasonal produce at a reduced rate to their members. Share the membership with another family. 

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